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We at SeaLife Dezignz  have been providing high-quality products and unique designed aquariums for over 25 years. We have strived to provide our customers with friendly service and an unequaled experience in the set up and maintenance of all our aquarium systems.  Whether it be a 1000 gallon or more complex system or a simple 10 gallon hobby tank, we treat the aquarium and the customer equal.

Many companies can sell you aquarium products and promise to treat you well.  They will say you need this or that for your aquarium to make it work. At SeaLife Dezignz, providing great merchandise and a personalized service experience are more than just words…it’s what we do. We make sure our customers know what they are getting and why. 

We genuinely care about our customers and go above and beyond to provide the best customer support.  We do these things, and more, while providing you with your set up, aqualife and service at a great value.

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"A world without an ocean view,  is chaos "