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Sealife has been by far the best service company we've used. They have always treated us with the most unique and caring service since day one.      Tom
We have been to so many fish stores who kept telling us what we needed but not why.  We spend hundreds of dollars and we were not getting anywhere.  We called Sealife and they came out and evaluated our system.  Within a month they had turned our aquarium around and our fish and algae were under control.  They saved us hundreds of dollars and helped us understand how things work and made us feel taken care of.  They really know what there doing and have helped us to understand what we need to do to enjoy our salt water aquarium.           Molly
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Sealife has been servicing our aquarium for years, they are a reliable efficient company.  We have been very happy with the service and the quality of the fish as well as the kindness of the staff. We highly recommend them for all aquarium needs.         Dave
Sealife gave our office a new look with their Plug-N-Play design.  We are impressed with the fact that we have a beautiful tank in our office, a set price every month, and no surprise cost.   AWESOME           Valerie
Sealife have an incredible imagination, we had a very tough place to put an aquarium and they made it happen.  They are very knowledgeable and creative.      Thank you thank you.          Dan
We are a long time friend of Sealife and they have helped us over the years with our aquarium.  They have taken the time to show us how to care for our aquarium and have given us advise on what works and what doesn't work.  They truly care about people and the hobby.  Their initial comment was,  "aquariums can be the most beautiful thing in this world, but also the greatest nightmare."  Thanks to their help, ours has been an enjoyment to our family and those that come to our house.       Cindy & Ernie
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